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The 21st century explored new sciences, advanced engineering applications and innovated technological developments. Yet you may still experience power outages every once in a while. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, American power customers face an average of almost five hours of power interruptions, costing at least $150 billion each year. Here are three common causes of power outages that plunge people into complete darkness.

Old Electrical Systems

The majority of the power grids in the U.S. are privately owned, compared to other countries where they’re state-owned. Most power grid systems are built with a 50-year life expectancy that requires regular maintenance throughout their lifetime. Despite being a first-world country, the U.S. has the most power outages compared to other developed countries. Unfortunately, investor-owned utility providers are reluctant to maintain or upgrade their electrical equipment to save costs. On a smaller scale, old electrical systems in residential and commercial areas can be contributing to local power outages. Some Philadelphia homes have old electrical systems that can potentially cause a short circuit. A local licensed electrician can assess your electrical systems and offer whole-house rewiring and commercial rewiring for your business. Our modern electrical systems are durable and energy-efficient, helping you save costs in the long run.

A licensed electrician fixing a power line

Extreme Weather Conditions

The United States is home to extreme weather conditions; scorching heat waves to severe snowstorms have affected power grids in many states, resulting in major blackouts.  California resorted to rolling blackouts in 2020, breaking an almost 20-year streak of avoiding blackouts. The high energy use and overheating systems resulted in the power grid being shut down. Furthermore, Texas experienced the largest forced blackout in U.S. history, as a severe snowstorm resulted in high power demand for heating while power systems froze amidst the storm. Almost 15 million people, including households and businesses, were affected by the power outage. Our licensed electricians in Philadelphia recommend families and business owners consider generator installation in the event of a blackout. Generators provide power during times of emergency to keep operations running without any hindrances.

An emergency electrician on site

Minor Technical Difficulties

Electrical systems are placed in public areas allowing them to be vulnerable to external interruption. The U.S. has unfavorable climate conditions that create strong winds resulting in trees and rocks crashing into electrical systems, leading to power failure. Forested areas have a high chance of such occurrences and therefore, maintenance of vegetation near power poles and plants is essential. Since power lines are exposed to wildlife, they can chew or knock them down. Furthermore, the humming sound and warmth from power plants attract animals to their habitat. There’re countless auto accidents where vehicles drive into power lines and transformers, causing unfortunate casualties and power outages. An emergency electrician can resolve such technical difficulties in the event of a power outage.


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