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Electric distribution ranks third amongst significant causes of a home fire. These fires are started from improper or worn-out wiring that is not replaced at the right time. People tend to ignore the signs of wiring issues or do temporary fixtures to work around them, resulting in these fires.

Unless fixed through proper rewiring, these seemingly minor issues can prove to be fatal as well. Here are seven tell-tale signs that your home requires rewiring.

house getting residential electric service in Philadelphia

Blown Fuses & Tripping Breakers

Has your home ever lost power when the whole neighborhood seemed to have it? It was probably because you blew your home’s electric fuse or the circuit breakers in your electrical panel tripped. Both these things start happening more frequently when the electric distribution in your house is compromised, or the wiring has become weaker.

Frequent Electric Shocks

Did you recently plug into an outlet and gotten a massive electric shock in return? Does this happen a lot? These electric shocks are an obvious sign that your home needs to be rewired. Uninsulated wires cause the current to flow out, thereby putting you at risk of getting electric shocks. It also puts your appliances at the risk of catching fire.

Flickering or Dimmed Lights

Flickering or dimmed lights signify that the light fixtures in your house are not adequately powered. It is a sign that the electricity is not reaching the light fittings properly, and it is a possibility that other outlets may be suffering due to poor wiring.

House needing licensed electrician in Philadelphia


Faint Burning Smell

Admittedly, it would help if you had a good nose to detect this faint burning smell. However, if someone in your house or a guest complained about this smell, then you must not take it lightly. Especially when the source of the smell is not easily located, there is a good chance the smell may be coming from the wiring inside the walls. When paired with any of the other signs mentioned here, you should call in a professional electrician to avoid fire.

Sparks from Outlets & Plugs

You may have witnessed sparks flowing out of your outlets and plugs. The sound of current sometimes accompanies these sparks, or they may be silent. If you have seen them and you continue to see them frequently, it’s a sign that your wiring needs help.

Buzzing or Sizzling Sounds

You may hear buzzing or sizzling sounds coming from your walls, near your power outlets. These sounds mean that your wiring has lost its insulation, and the current sparks are flowing out, causing a buzzing sound. If you hear these sounds, don’t wait too long to seek professional help.

Blown Out Bulbs

Do you find yourself replacing bulbs in your house more frequently? Do they get blown out every few days? There’s a good chance they’re not getting the proper current and wattage they may need. This can be due to broken, cut, or uninsulated wires, which result in a loss of current.

While these problems may seem like annoying inconveniences to you, they can cause property damage, injuries, or, in extreme cases, fatalities.

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