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Learn About Electrical Hazards in Philadelphia, PA

Electrical Hazards at Home That You Didn’t Know You Had

At BG Electric Service LLC, we take great pride in providing Philadelphia, PA with essential electrical services and education resources to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We have been a core part of this community for many years and constantly look for new and improved ways to provide comprehensive electrician services. Our licensed and insured electricians can help repair and solve any electrical issues that you may experience, as well as provide a way to make your home safer. When you call on our services, your property will be safer, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe and protected. Contact our expert electricians today. 

Electrical Hazards in Philadelphia, PA

The Hazards Hiding in Your Home

We heavily rely on electricity to provide us with the comforts of the day we live in. While we rely so heavily on electricity, there are many silent dangers hiding behind the walls in in the appliances of your home. These electrical hazards can cause serious injuries and, in some cases, can be fatal. There are around 1000 deaths a year that can be attributed to electrical hazards. Additionally, 20% of electrical hazard-related injuries happen to children and adolescents. But what are electrical hazards? They are electrical situations that can cause severe injury or property damage. The following are some electrical hazards that could be lurking in your home or business:

  • Defective/Old Wiring – Faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of electric shock. When wiring is old or isn’t working anymore, it can cause arc faults, power surges, and even electrical fires. Never try to fix electrical issues with a DIY solution, as this can be a great causing factor of faulty wiring. Look for electrical hazards by looking for these signs:
    • Insulation with pinched or pierced wires
    • Overheated wires or cords
    • Wire insulation that has cracked as a result of heat, age, or corrosion
    • Loose electrical connections
    • Worn-out extension cords or appliances
  • Water – Water and electricity are fatal companions. It is a powerful electrical conductor, which means that you need to be extra careful when water and appliances come in close contact. The following tips can help you to ensure that water isn’t a hazard in your home:
    • Dry your hands before picking up any appliance
    • Install electrical outlets far away from water sources in kitchens and bathrooms
    • Avoid using any appliances (radio, hairdryer, etc.) in or near the bath, jacuzzi, or pool
  • Lightbulbs – Avoid lightbulbs causing electric shock by adhering to the following tips:
    • Never replace a lightbulb with wet hands
    • Turn off your light fixture before you replace a lightbulb
    • Select the right wattage lightbulb to prevent overheating
    • Keep your lightbulbs away from any flammable materials (beds, plastics, upholstery, drapes, etc.)
  • Covered Wires and Electrical Cords – Electrical cords and wires can conduct and irradiate heat and coverings are most often flammable. If these cords or wires are covered by a canvas sheet or other material, the risk of them causing a fire increases. Never cover cords or wires and ensure that computers and televisions have adequate room for ventilation. These things can reduce overheating and prevent fire.
  • Extension Cords –If extension cords are overloaded or in unsafe places, they can be a tripping hazard and could cause a fire. Follow these tips to ensure safety:
    • Don’t turn extension cords into additional power outlets
    • Check the cords for damage such as fraying or bends
    • Use plastic covers on unused receptacles
    • Try not to use too many devices at a time
    • Fix extension cords in place to reduce tripping hazards
  • Curious Children – Children are naturally curious, and electrical fixtures and outlets can be extremely intriguing to them. Protecting them from dangerous electrical hazards is crucial, as they tend to want to explore these mysterious electrical appliances. While close supervision is crucial, there are other things that can reduce the risk of your child being harmed by electrical hazards:
    • Ensure that any appliance cords are safely tucked away out of children’s reach
    • Use plastic covers on every electrical outlet within the child’s reach or access
    • Use tamper-resistant receptacles
  • Using Water to Put Out an Electrical Fire – As mentioned earlier, water is a highly powerful electrical conductor. Yet, when a fire breaks out, one of our first reactions is to pour water on the fire to put it out. Unfortunately, this will only worsen the situation if the fire is caused by an electrical hazard. Investing in a fire extinguisher is an incredible decision, as these can quickly put out electrical fires.

Safety Rules You Need to Remember

There are some essential safety rules that you can remember and adhere to in your home to make it a safer place for everyone. Following these rules will help reduce the electrical hazards in your home and therefore the risk of your family getting harmed. The most important rules to remember are as follows:

  • Avoid using devices in the shower, tub, or pool area
  • Don’t handle electrical appliances with wet hands
  • Avoid making DIY electrical work and always hire a licensed and insured electrician
  • Ensure that all appliances are off and unplugged before cleaning the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen
  • Regularly check your appliances to ensure that there are no faults

Why Choose BG Electric Service LLC

At BG Electric Service LLC, we provide our customers and community with affordable electrical services in Philadelphia, PA. We are passionate about improving the safety of our community and providing crucial electrical education to property owners. Our licensed electricians provide you with comprehensive electrical services, including:

Learn More About Electrical Hazards Today

Are you worried about your home’s electrical wiring? If so, you can rely on the electricians here at BG Electric Service LLC. We can help you learn about electrical hazards in your Philadelphia, PA home and how to protect your family and property. Contact us today for more information.  

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