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If you notice these electrical problems, then you shouldn’t ignore them and call a licensed electrician in Philadelphia.

Electrical Problem Warning Signs

Burning Odors

If you smell burning plastic or wires, that’s the most important indicator to look out for; you must check nearby sockets and the electrical panel and try to pinpoint source of the burning odors.

Frayed or Chewed Wires

While damaged electrical cords with exposed wiring should be immediately replaced, wires chewed away by pets are equally harmful and can lead to shocks and even fires.

Faulty Outlets

Warm outlets: People may assume that wires and outlets vibrate or are warm typically, but that’s not the case; get these checked by a professional as soon as you sense changed in an outlet.

Loose-fitting plugs: With time, outlets can wear away, but loose-fitting plugs pose a fire hazard.

Buzzing sounds: If you’re hearing a soft buzzing sound from an outlet, it could be caused by current skipping along the line, indicating potential wiring issues.

Malfunctioning Lights

If you notice a single bulb flickering or dim, try to replace it and see if that works. If you notice an entire group of bulbs acting erratically, you may be looking at a much bigger issue.

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