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Electricity drives our homes, offices, and even vehicles. But if handled recklessly, it can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Many people are tempted to handle electrical installations and repairs on their own, but if you’re not an expert, it poses serious risks to your safety.

Trying to save money by handling electrical issues can be a very costly affair in the end. It’s better to hire a licensed electrician in Philadelphia to do the job for you and avoid hazards.

Philadelphia Electrician Services by BG Electric Services LLC

What are the Hazards?

Hazard Awareness

To avoid any possible accident, you should have adequate hazard awareness of electrical safety. If you’re not an expert, you likely don’t have electrical safety inspection equipment like machinery and power tools, cords, plugs, outlets, circuit breakers, and PPE.

Lack of important electrical safety inspection equipment is like going for a battle without weapons, which can pose serious risks to your safety.

Maintenance and Repairs

Repairing electrical panels, wires, outlets, and appliances means being exposed to live parts. Only experts who know how to measure the current and voltage, as well as the procedure to identify the issue and fix it, should deal with electrical components.

Amateurs can end up getting electric shocks, which can burn skin, damage internal organs, and even cause electrocution. Stay safe and let an electrical contractor in Philadelphia handle these issues professionally.

Equipment Not De-energized

All equipment must be de-energized before work on its maintenance or repair can be started. Many injuries happen due to electrical equipment not being properly de-energized.

The machine should be turned off, cut off from all power sources like circuit breakers, switches, or any other power source connected to it.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you start the work on repairs, it’s essential to get the basic training first. Several things like broken wires, equipment that smokes or smells, cords with missing plugs, metal tools, and damaged and non-insulated equipment can cause serious hazards to your safety.

When working on repairs:

  • Don’t touch any wet electrical equipment
  • Don’t stand on wet floors or surfaces
  • Don’t touch a victim with electrical shock
  • Don’t place cords near water
  • Don’t place sharp nails or sharp objects on electrical cords
  • Always treat electrical wires as if they’re live
  • Inspect all cords and plugs for any damage or broken insulation
  • Inspect all examining tools and equipment before starting work

Electrical Rewiring Services in Philadelphia, PA

Working with electricity and electrical components is a dangerous ball game that’s best left for professionals. It ensures your and your loved ones’ safety, gives peace of mind, and guarantees the problem won’t persist in the future.

At BG Electric Service LLC, we provide professional electrical Services in Philadelphia for all repairs, installations, service upgrading, and household rewiring. Get in touch with us today.

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