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A power surge is a sudden unexpected increase in voltage that can damage your electrical devices. It’s the most common reason for damage in electrical appliances. With most warranties and home insurances not covering power surge damages, a major power surge can lead to a huge financial setback. To make sure this doesn’t happen, here are five ways you can protect your devices from power surges.

Inspect Your Wiring

Faulty wiring can make power surge issues worse. In case you haven’t had your wiring inspected in a while, make sure you schedule it at the earliest hour, as it’s crucial for the safety of your home. Old apartments and houses are more susceptible to such wire damage. If you have any such damage, call an electrician to fix it today.

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Unplug Electrical Devices During Storms

It’s common to have power surges during a storm. Lightning during storms can cause power surges. A smart and easy way to deal with this is to keep your appliances unplugged during a storm.

Upgrade Your AC Unit

AC units can also cause power surges. An AC unit restarts several times during the day, causing electrical surges. If you have an old AC unit, this could be a major reason for voltage increases. The best way to deal with this is to upgrade your AC unit. New AC models are more energy-efficient, requiring way less electricity to operate. This means they don’t require as much electricity to restart each time, reducing the number of power surges.

Use Surge Protectors

A surge protector is an electrical device that has two functions. First, it helps you to plug in multiple components to a single power outlet. Second, it helps you regulate any spikes in voltage by diverting the extra electricity to the grounding wire. This helps keep your electrical devices safe as any extra current, that would otherwise hurt the device, is grounded before even coming close to the appliance. A surge protector is a small investment to protect your expensive appliances.

Install a Whole-House Surge Protector

Although surge protectors are a good way to protect your appliances against power surges, they can make your house look cluttered. The best way to deal with this is to install a whole-house surge protector instead. A whole-house surge protector will provide better protection and is a lot less messy. It can help you keep your appliances safe while keeping your house neat and orderly.

If you’re looking to hire an electrician in Philadelphia to install a whole-house surge protector, contact BG Electric Service. They also provide other commercial and residential electrical services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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