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Electrical Work and Repairs in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to replacing and updating electrical systems, many homeowners aren’t as proactive as they should be. It goes without saying that an aging or damaged electrical system is more susceptible to developing faults and issues.

While some of these issues merely cause inconvenience, others can create major safety risks. According to findings from the NFPA, electrical malfunctions and failures caused around 44,880 residential fires.

Thus, it’s critical for homeowners to know when it’s time to upgrade their electrical systems.

Here at BG Electric Service, our licensed electricians are experts at identifying n electrical system that is due to an upgrade. We can help you ensure you’re home’s electricals are up to code, and safe from all types of electrical hazards.

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System?

Thousands of American homes are still operating on electrical systems that were installed by the builder, and the electrical systems in many of the older homes are only fit to manage low amperage levels. And as such, using multiple appliances at the same time, or high-power appliances will probably cause the circuitry to become overloaded, causing the circuit breakers to trip. If the breakers don’t trip, the circuits will overheat, and may even catch fire.

The thing is, with old, outdated electrical systems, it’s likely that the breakers will stop tripping when there’s excessive load. Typically, this is because the breakers are either worn out or too old. But this can also happen because there’s a loose connection somewhere in the system.

Faulty or damaged wiring and loose connections also increase the risk of electrocution. That’s the primary reason why most professional electricians recommend that you replace your home’s electrical system after a few years.

Signs Your Electrical System Needs to Be Replaced

Although there are multiple signs that indicate the electrical system of your home is in need of an upgrade, the best course of action always is to consult a licensed professional electrician before you make any changes. Here are some common signs that indicate your home’s electrical system is past its best:

  • Circuit breakers tripping and fuse blowing constantly
  • Lights flashing or dimming when you turn on the microwave, the vacuum, or other high-power appliances
  • Scorch marks on outlets

At BG Electric Service LLC, we provide a wide range of electrical services at affordable rates. We are a fully licensed electrical services company based in Philadelphia, PA. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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