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BG Electric Service LLC provides you with licensed electrician services in Philadelphia

Home remodeling projects and renovations can be life-changing, to say the least! Not only can they upgrade the value of your home, but they also impact your aesthetic enjoyment of your property. Philadelphia Licensed electrical services play a big role in helping homeowners develop their properties without stress and hassle. Professional licensed electricians in the Philadelphia area offer clients the home they have always dreamt of by designing electrical layouts and systems for them that answer their problems and address their concerns.

Most Licensed Electrician Services In Philadelphia Offer:
  • Upgrading services of pre-installed electrical system units
  • Wiring extensions
  • Electrical mapping for new additions/ units
  • Panel reinstallations and upgrades
  • Entrance installation for new units
  • New technology and surveillance options
  • Consultations
A-List of Home Remodeling Services By Licensed Electricians
Entire Home Unit

If you own an old or traditional home unit that needs an upgrade or your house has been built recently but still needs to be renovated to meet your family’s growing needs then a licensed Philadelphia electrician service can do that for you. They can map a design as per your requirements to power all your household needs for now and the future.

Kitchen Mapping

Top Philadelphia electricians work hand in hand with kitchen contractors and speed up your remodeling with their close communication with the renovation workers. Experienced electricians can also provide lighting and power design assistance.

Kitchens are one of the most popular sports in the home for remodeling, and top electricians in Philadelphia offer all the upgrades homeowners want to make their kitchens modern, convenient, and comfortable. From new or upgraded wiring for stoves, dishwashers, exhaust fans, and micro hood to the installation of ceiling fans, task and cabinet lighting, and fashionable pendants, they can easily take your kitchen to the “next level.”


Professional Philadelphia licensed electricians’ approach to design and installation of electrical wiring in basements will allow you to rest easy knowing that they have taken everything into consideration. From customized lighting and power layouts to ventilation and heating, they carefully review all of your available options during the design phase of the project.
Finished basements can provide much needed additional living space as well as laundry areas, home gyms, workshops, and even home offices. Top electricians in Philadelphia look at all facets of your basement remodel, including lighting, ventilation, and heating and cooling needs, to develop a comprehensive solution that makes the most of your available space.


From the initial design all the way through to completion, professional electricians work closely with you and your contractor to develop systems solutions that work for your unique needs. With experience designing and completing electrical installations, professional electricians understand the critical timing that’s involved in major addition projects. They coordinate their scheduling with other contractors so your project can stay on time. The design staff also assists you with producing a complete electrical design, which will assure you that nothing has been missed.

Call BG Electric Service LLC For Your Home Remodeling Project

If you’re considering a home renovation project, give BG Electric Service LLC a call and we will provide you with the dream results you’re looking for!

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