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Getting a generator is a very good idea, since it can help you enjoy the use of electric and electronic devices wherever you see fit. Generators are great for home as well as outdoor use, and they can help you get past those occasional power outages. Plus, having a generator is a great way to avoid disruptions whenever you are very busy. You just need to find the right generator that suits your needs. The main options are either a standby generator or a portable generator. But which is the right option for you? It’s important to understand the market and also assess what exactly you need from your generator. Here are the things to take into consideration.


The thing to note about standby generators is that they are permanently installed onto your home. That means you don’t have any portability, yet at the same time this is very easy to use and adaptable to your own requirements. Plus, you can easily install it if you call in an expert, and the maintenance requirements are minimal. That alone really goes to show the amazing benefits and results you can obtain this way. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Portable generators on the other hand don’t need any installation. They are usually on wheels, and you can take them with you anywhere you want. As long as you have a fuel source, you don’t have to worry about any possible issues that can arise. On top of that, you do need some space to store the generator, so that’s definitely something to consider.

Starting the generator

One thing to note about standby generators is that they are starting automatically. They will start working as soon as the power is out. It’s something that helps a lot, because you don’t experience any disruption. It certainly helps immensely, since you get to focus on your work and just enjoy your devices. It will shut down as soon as the power is back up.

If you choose a portable unit, then you must start it yourself. This is not connected to your electrical system within your home, so you need to start it manually. You just pull a cord and then you can start using the system. Obviously in this case a standby generator is more convenient. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that it’s a stationary unit. So if you do need any type of portability, that can end up being a problem. It will take a little bit to figure out how to tackle everything adequately here, but results will shine and that’s the thing that matters the most.

Fuel type

What type of fuel do you need to use based on the generator? You will notice that the standby generator is usually requiring liquid propane or natural gas. There’s no refueling needed, which is a great thing to have here. It really helps a lot because you get to have all the efficiency and value you need, without having to worry about any downsides.

Portable generators need refueling, so that can be an issue if you don’t have enough fuel nearby. That being said, these generators rely on gasoline, which is rather easy to buy nowadays. The fact that you need to have fuel with you can indeed be a massive challenge, and that’s why you want to address the situation and ensure that you obtain an incredible array of results.

What can you power with your generator?

One thing to note about the portable and standby generators is that while they are both generators, they are mostly suitable for a vast range of different situations. If you want to buy a standby generator, then it makes a lot of sense to use it for things like home needs. These include powering your water heater, fridge, lights, electric stoves and so on.

standby generator

On the other hand, the portable generator is great for those items that are plugged into an extension cord. The fact that this unit is fully portable means you can easily use it anywhere within your home or outside your home. It’s actually the best option if you want to go outdoors and experience the world at your own pace. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


The truth is that standby generators are immobile. Once you install them, they will stay there and that’s it. That can be great if you want to have your generator just to power up stuff within your home during power outages. But if you need to go outdoors and power up your devices, that can be a problem. That’s where the need for a portable generator comes into play. Being able to actually take an electricity source with you really helps a lot, and it delivers all the value and quality you need.


Obviously, when you want to buy a generator, the overall price of that unit will matter quite a bit. Most of us need to stay within a certain price point when we buy a generator. So it makes a lot of sense to ensure that you buy only the right product. That being said, standby generators are more expensive than the portable ones. However, they also offer more power, which is something to keep in mind when you are on the market for a new generator.


If you need to find the right type of generator, there are all kinds of options on the market at this time. All you have to do is to take your time and pick the right unit to suit your needs. There are always challenges that can arise, which is why you want to stick to the desired budget and adapt accordingly. Normally, you want a good standby generator if you want to have electricity for your home, especially during outages. If you have a more outdoorsy life, then buying a portable generator makes a lot more sense, since you can use that at home or during your adventures as well!

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