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Rewiring is something essential for commercial premises. Research has shown that incidents related to electrical-related issues can be fatal: there are approximately 400 deaths due to high-voltage electrical injuries in the United States each year.


There are several considerations you should make before going for commercial rewiring:

1. How much time do you have on your hands?

Complete rewiring of commercial premises takes time. For us to access each wire, we may need to take down some walls if necessary because the old cables need to be taken out to make space for newer ones.

Although our commercial electrical service team aims to complete the job as quickly as possible, we recommend taking on rewiring during the off-season. Your business activities won’t be disturbed too much this way.

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2. Long-term benefits

Even if you don’t intend to get rewiring services at the moment, you should consider it because of the long-term benefits it offers. Before we initiate our commercial rewiring services, we evaluate how much work needs to be done. All major wiring related issues will be eliminated in your premises this way.

Not only will you enjoy greater safety and comfort, but you would also enjoy a probable increase in the property value of your commercial premises, which is always a plus.

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3. Expanding the electrical capacity

Each building has a pre-determined level of electrical output it can handle; which is why there are a fixed number of power sockets. However, the use of mobile phones and laptops has gone up significantly over the last few years, which means that investing in electrical capacity expansion is essential.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, expanding the level of electrical capacity for your premises is an excellent decision to make.

4. Costs involved

If you’ve decided to go ahead with commercial rewiring for your office, you need to evaluate the costs. Pricing in this line of work is done through bidding by electrician.

Evaluating costs is a very integral part of the consideration because as a business, it is essential to save costs wherever possible without compromising on quality.

We at BG Electric Service offer commercial rewiring – among other services – that too at highly competitive rates. You can contact us and get your electric-related needs sorted.

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