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An electrical inspection is a comprehensive examination and review of all the electrical connections and wiring on a property. All homeowners should carry out an electrical inspection before purchasing a house with a local licensed electrician’s assistance. Here are three reasons for new homeowners to conduct a thorough residential electrical inspection.

Electrical System Inspection by Licensed Electrician in Philadelphia, PA

Prevent Potential Electrical Hazards

The modern household’s high energy consumption overloads the electrical system and causes overheating, resulting in fire hazards. Electrical hazards are responsible for over 50,000 fires, over 1400 injuries, nearly 500 deaths, and over a billion dollars in property damage. A property’s electrical system is complex with wirings, circuits, pathways, outlets and switches and can cause more harm than good if fixed by yourself. It’s advisable to let licensed electricians take care of any electrical faults as they have the knowledge and expertise to do the job. At BG Electric Service LLC, we believe your new home should be a safe place for you and your family; we deliver whole-house surge protection and rewiring services to make your home safer.

Ensure Compliance with Housing Codes

Insurance agencies require new homeowners to conduct electrical inspections before insuring their property. New homeowners should conduct electrical inspections before purchasing a home to ensure they meet regulatory housing codes. An electrical inspection will detect any issues that the previous owner overlooked. For instance, an electrical inspection will involve testing smoke alarms. Since 65% of home fire deaths result from dead smoke detectors, an electrical inspection can ensure that the smoke alarms are working according to electrical codes. Your family’s wattage demands will vary from the previous owner, and therefore panel upgrades will provide adequate power to meet your home energy requirements.

Licensed electrician providing rewiring services

Reduce Costs

With a high number of personal electronic devices in use, the modern household has increased energy needs, and so only an efficient electrical system can help keep your energy bills in check. Our licensed electricians in Philadelphia can offer whole-house rewiring for new homeowners who want to upgrade their electrical wiring and connections to save costs in the long run. Incandescent and CFL bulbs are old technology that requires high wattage. LED bulbs are cost-effective and last longer than their traditional counterparts. A property’s lighting setup can be optimized to reduce costs and carbon footprint with expert lighting installation. The best way to keep energy costs low is to monitor your monthly energy bill. An industry-standard meter box can provide accurate readings, allowing you to make conscious energy consumption decisions.

BG Electric Service LLC provides one of the best resident electrical services Philadelphia. Our trained and skilled electrician have years of experience under their belts with a high priority for customer satisfaction. For more information, check out our extensive range of services.

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