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Unless you’re remodeling a hut that’s off the power grid, your home remodeling project will require electrical upgrades and installations. Doing them yourself by watching DIY videos on YouTube may be fun and games until you come across complex wirings that may cause electrical hazards. Here are five reasons why you should seek assistance from licensed electricians for your home remodel.

Licensed electrician installing new lights

Safety is Their Number One Priority

Did you know that electrical hazards are responsible for over 50,000 fires, over 1400 injuries, almost 500 deaths, and over $1 billion in property damage? Poor electrical installation can lead to electrical hazards that can put you and your family in danger. Licensed electricians are trained to install any electrical installation meticulously while keeping safety in mind. Our licensed electricians in Philadelphia can install whole-house surge protectors to protect your appliances and devices from damage due to sudden spikes in voltage. With their assistance, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.


In-Depth House Electrical Inspection

If you’re planning to renovate your home, consider a whole-house electrical inspection. 50% of homes in the US were built over four decades ago, indicating that home power systems could be obsolete and won’t be able to power the energy demands of a modern household. Licensed electricians are equipped with the right tools to detect and fix any electrical issues that reveal after an inspection. They can also upgrade your electrical panel and meter box so that you can accurately monitor your monthly energy bill for years to come.


Electrical Work is More Complex Than You Think

Hundreds of DIY videos swarm on the Internet, teaching homeowners DIY rewiring services. However, electrical systems and wirings vary from home to home as different electrician install different electrical setups. Furthermore, your home’s electrical system is a complex network of cords, pathways, wirings, connections, switches and more that can cause more harm than good if attended by a novice. Our licensed electricians in Philadelphia are well-trained in electrical work and can offer whole-house rewiring.

Licensed electrician providing rewiring services in Philadelphia

Years of Practical Knowledge and Expertise

Licensed electrician possess a great deal of knowledge on the latest electrical upgrades in the market that match your interior design inspiration. They work with architects and interior designers and know tips and tricks that can add to the aesthetic appeal of a home. From lights to fans, they can introduce you to electrical fixtures and fittings that look trendy while being energy-efficient. They can also strategically install dimmers, switches and outlets to reduce cable and cord clutter that will make your home look neat and clean.


BG Electric Service LLC has the best licensed electricians in Philadelphia onboard who provide expert residential electrical services. Our licensed electricians have been in the industry for many years. For more information, check out our world-class services.

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