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If you’re looking for a beautiful urban community near Philadelphia, PA, with plenty to do and see, look no further than Pennsport. This thriving urban community is home not only to many vibrant neighborhoods but also some great public spaces like racetracks or benefit districts where people come together every day.


The Pennsport community is more costly than 89.2% of the neighborhoods across Pennsylvania and 73% across the United States. This Philadelphia community has a median real estate price ($514,148) which exceeds most areas throughout our great nation.


The monthly rent in this Philadelphia community can be pricey, but it’s worth the extra cash. The Pennsport community’s average monthly rental cost for an apartment is $2,859, which is higher than 97.8 percent of all neighborhoods across Pennsylvania.


There are multitudes of housing types in the Pennsport area, from small studios to large apartments. The most popular type is probably medium-sized units with at least three bedrooms, usually located near shopping centers or schools. There you can find everything your heart desires – stores for every budget; restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world.


The people who reside in the Pennsport area are mostly young professionals looking for a beautiful place to call home. Therefore, the real estate here tends towards smaller apartments, with medium-sized units being more popular than large ones because they suit both singles or couples without children well enough. They also provide space if you want your family to grow soon.



The beautiful neighborhood of Pennsport is a mixture of newer and older homes. Many people in this Philadelphia area own their property, while others rent it out to tenants at low rates or live there without owning any housing stock.

The area around the Pennsport community is primarily residential, with newer homes constructed in 2000 or more recently. However, there are as well several residences from 1970-1999 standing proud as well.

The people in this Philadelphia area are very high-level and make up a higher proportion of executives, managers, or professionals than nearly any other neighborhood. As such, it’s not surprising that there are abundant opportunities for those who live here to succeed.

In the Pennsport neighborhood, executives and managers make up a higher proportion (81%) of workers than most other neighborhoods. This area has some unique features you won’t find elsewhere.

The people in the beautiful Pennsport community are some of the wealthiest and most well-off. They make it into among 15% percent higher income bracket than other places, making their lifestyle much more luxurious.




This image shows Eastern State Penitentiary, fortress-like prison with high stone walls, towers, and a Gothic architectural style against a backdrop of a bright blue sky with scattered white clouds.

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BG Electric Service LLC, PA



The Bustleton community in Philadelphia is among the most expensive areas to live in, but it’s also home to some great schools. The median real estate price here ($363,328) exceeds that of 77.8% of the communities across Pennsylvania and 60.1% across the U.S. However, the Bustleton area has everything you need: excellent public transportation and plenty of amenities like grocery stores nearby, making life easier for parents who work long hours.

The average monthly rental price in the Bustleton community is currently $1,428. This is higher than 60% of Pennsylvania communities and represents an excellent value for families who want to reside near work or school without paying top dollar on rent every month.

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