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Ceiling Fan Installation in Philadelphia, PA

Ceiling fans can automatically improve any home from a comfort and functionality standpoint. If your bedroom gets a little hot in the summer, then a ceiling fan will provide a nice, steady breeze. Ceiling fans are also aesthetically-pleasing – helping to transform a home. We provide ceiling fan installation to customers in Philadelphia, PA. Both residential and commercial customers trust our expertise.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Philadelphia, PA

Why You Should Hire BG Electric Service LLC

Our company intends to provide outstanding service to each customer – no matter how complicated the job. Hiring us comes with several benefits, including:


It might seem counterintuitive but hiring a professional to install your ceiling fan is a surer bet than doing it yourself. Why? Because our professional installers will never cut the wrong wires or make mistakes that transform a quick job into an expensive, weeks-long endeavor.

Fire Safety

Our electricians are licensed and insured, meaning they have passed strict work standards in the electrical field. That’s important because even something seemingly as simple as a ceiling fan can pose a fire hazard if it is installed correctly.

Personal Safety

Ceiling fans spin at rapid speeds, so installers must secure them steadily. But there are other risks – electrocution collapses, and tool-related injuries included. In inexperienced hands, it is challenging to install the ceiling fan without dropping it. We can make sure the warranty is intact.


A project that will take the average homeowner all day and night to complete takes just hours in our hands. Aside from safety, efficiency is our best attribute. When you hire BG Electric Service LLC to install your ceiling fan, you can count on speedy installation.

Emergency Services and Thorough Installations

In addition to ceiling fan installation, BG Electric Service LLC offers a wide range of electrical services, including switch and dimmer installation, meter box repair, and whole house surge protector installation. We also provide emergency services in certain situations – including sparks coming from appliances, flickering lights, or mild electrical shocks.

Top-Quality Electricians in Philadelphia, PA