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What Is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel essentially connects your home or business to an external power line. This panel serves as the main connection and distribution point that delivers power and electricity to different parts of the building. They are also known as fuse boxes, load centers, electrical boxes, breaker boxes or circuit breaker panels.

The most common electrical panels have 100, 150, or 200 service amps. Service amps are the load that flows through the electrical wiring. Newer electrical panels have 200 service amps to keep up with the many appliances and devices we use. This is usually plenty of power for large homes or small businesses. For bigger businesses, more specialized electrical panels may be needed.

Electrical Panel Services in Philadelphia, PA

When Is It Time to Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Electrical panel replacement needs to happen when the electrical panel is out of date or damaged. These replacements cannot be put off until a later date. Electrical panels help to protect the home from surges of power, which can cause house fires. If the panel is out of date, your home is left unprotected.

When an electrical panel needs replacement, several things will start to happen. If you notice the following occurrences, it is time to call your trusted electricians at BG Electric Service LLC.

  • If your electrical panel continually trips.
  • If your lights start flickering.
  • If the electrical panel shows burn or charring marks.
  • If the electrical panel smells burnt.

Call us immediately at BG Electric Service LLC and our expert electricians will be there as soon as possible. We provide emergency electrical services, as well as 24-hour service. We will be there right away when you need it most.

Electrical Panel Work Should Never Be a DIY Project

A homeowner may be tempted to do this project alone as a DIY project, thinking that it will save money or time. In reality, electrical work DIY projects may be unsafe and may end up costing money and time. When working with the electrical panel that links the power line to your home, you are working with high voltage. An accident can lead to severe injury or death.

In addition, working on electrical panels requires a permit. Our team of electricians is all thoroughly trained in how to work with electrical panels, and all have the proper permits and certifications. At BG Electric Service LLC, we will finish all electrical panel work safely and efficiently.

Trusted Electricians in Philadelphia, PA

BG Electric Service LLC is locally owned and operated in the Philadelphia, PA area. We have many years of experience, and we are passionate about electrical services. When you choose BG Electric Service LLC, you’re choosing 24/7 availability, experienced and licensed professionals, and warranty-backed services.

Our customer’s safety and satisfaction are our priority, and we do everything possible to keep our community safe. We’re familiar with all state and federal codes to ensure your property’s electricity works correctly and efficiently.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today and we will connect you to a licensed electrician who can provide electrical panel services or any of our other electrical services. We look forward to assisting you!

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