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Electric Services You Can Rely On

At BG Electric Service LLC, we offer many electrical fixture installation services, such as lighting, dimmer, outlets, switches, and ceiling fans. No matter what kind of fixture you need to have installed, our expert electricians have you covered.

BG Electric Service LLC is dedicated to your satisfaction. Whether you need electrical maintenance service or electrical installation service, we can help with our years of experience and exceptional products.

Fixture Installation in Philadelphia, PA

Electrical Fixture Installations

If you’re trying to decide whether you need new lighting or electrical work, the following are some of the benefits you’ll see when you decide to upgrade:

  • Improved Health: It has been proven that more lighting and better lighting improves mental and physical health. Natural light is a great source, but for many of us we are missing out on that natural light because of the design of our home or the surrounding environment. Our experts at BG Electric Service LLC can give you new lighting that will help to improve your health.
  • Better Eyesight: Unnatural or flickering lighting can cause eyes strain and discomfort. Your eyes might start hurting or deteriorating with poor lighting. Call us for new recessed lighting or simple additions to your current lighting.
  • Increased Home Value: Homeowners love to look for new ways to make their home more attractive to future buyers. New and modern lighting is one of the quickest ways to upgrade your home and make it more valuable.

Electrical Wiring for Lighting Fixtures

It’s very important to hire an expert for lighting fixture installation. This is one of the most dangerous parts of your home to upgrade and work with. Faulty wiring can cause electric shock and fires that can harm you or your family. With BG Electric Service LLC, you can guarantee the safety of your family and your home with our professional services.

Light Fixture Installation

Light fixture installations can be some of the most effective and exciting electrical changes. The change is noticed immediately and makes your house warmer and more inviting. At BG Electric Service LLC, we provide the following lighting installation services:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Track lighting
  • Pendant lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Custom lighting designs

We can provide whatever type of lighting fits your home and lifestyle. Contact us to speak with our experts or set up an appointment.

Ceiling Fixture Installation

When you choose BG Electric Service LLC for your ceiling fixture installation, you are choosing affordability, safety, speed and peace of mind.


When you hire our team of experts, you can trust that we will install your ceiling fan quickly and affordably. Our electricians have years of training and expertise to ensure that this process is seamless for you.


Installing ceiling fans and other fixtures can be dangerous. Ladders are involved, and the fixtures have to be secure since they move at rapid speeds. If ceiling fixtures are installed incorrectly, this can be a fire hazard. Our team of experts will complete this process quickly and safely.

Speed and Efficiency

With our years of training and experience, we’ve mastered ceiling fixture installation, and it takes us mere hours to complete.

Why Choose BG Electric Service LLC?

When you choose BG Electric Service LLC, you’re choosing 24/7 availability, experienced and licensed professionals, warranty-backed services, and some of Philadelphia’s most highly trained and experienced electricians.

When you choose our 24-hour electrical service, we will ensure the work is done correctly the first time. We’re familiar with all applicable state and federal codes. Failing to choose a licensed professional can lead to a dangerous environment, increased project costs, and damage to your property. Enjoy peace of mind by choosing BG Electric Service LLC

Contact Us Today

Contact us today and we will connect you to a licensed electrician who can provide fixture installation or any of our other electrical services. We look forward to assisting you!

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