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Trust BG Electric Service LLC for Professional Meter Box Replacement

Your home’s meter box is a vital part of your electrical system. It helps track the amount of electricity you use. When it’s time to schedule a meter box replacement, trust the professionals at BG Electric Service LLC. Our expert electricians have decades of experience performing various electrical services, including meter box replacements. When your electrical meter starts to fail, it can lead to serious electrical damage and safety concerns. Ignoring the issue can lead to more money and frustration down the line. Utility companies rely on the readings from your meter, so accurate readings are a must. Request a quick quote today to learn more about our meter box replacement service.

Electric Meter Box Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Electrical Meter Box?

As we’ve mentioned, the meter box on your home contains the electrical meter that measures the power flowing into your home from your local grid. The box protects the meter from the elements while it accurately reads your power consumption. Your box needs to be in working order to ensure the utility company properly bills you. These issues can lead to electrical fires, increased power bills, and other costly repairs when left alone. We can perform a quick inspection if you’re unsure if your home is due for a meter box replacement.

Signs You’re Due for An Electrical Meter Box Replacement

Several noticeable signs indicate you’re due for an electrical meter box replacement. Our job at BG Electric Service LLC is to help identify and notify you of any possible issues or complications regarding your meter box. Here are some of the more common signs to look out for:

Increased Utility Bill

Noticing a sudden rate increase is a sign of numerous electrical issues, including potential issues with a faulty meter box. If you notice an uptick in your power bill, it’s time to give our team a call. We’ll work with you to identify and correct the issue.

Faulty and Inaccurate Readings

Does your utility bill say you use more electricity than you are? This could mean there’s an issue with the actual meter. The sole purpose of your meter box is to record your electrical consumption. A faulty box can provide false readings and charge you more for your electricity than what you are really using.

Noticeable Physical Damage

If you notice any signs of corrosion or physical damage around your meter box, it’s safe to assume there is damage to the meter itself. We’ll thoroughly inspect your damaged meter box to see if the issue is simply cosmetic or if there is something to be concerned about.

No Power

A clear sign of a faulty meter box is when you have no power but no reported outages in your area. This could indicate an issue such as a broken connection or weather-related complications. When this happens, be sure to give us a call to get to the root of the problem.

Ways You Can Test Your Electrical Box at Home

It’s understandable if you’re unsure why your electrical bill has skyrocketed or something isn’t working as it should. There are some simple at-home tests you can perform. One way is to use a meter to take readings for seven days. You should have seven precise and accurate readings unless you use more power on any given day. Another way to test your meter box is to turn off all the power in your home and check the meter. It should read zero output. However, if there is a reading, contact us immediately so we can repair your meter box.

Discover the Different Types of Meter Boxes

When you need to replace an outdated or faulty electrical meter, you must know which type you have. Modern electrical meters are available in two different styles, ring and ringless. The ring-style features safety coverings along the inside of the panel to help keep you safe from exposed wires. Ringless is easier to check and make sure everything inside is working as intended, but it offers fewer safety features. It’s also important to consider your local power company, as they’ll have a preference for which style is used for your area. We’ll help you determine which type your home has, and you can rely on our experts to seamlessly repair or replace your electrical meter box.

Rely on Our Expert Meter Box Replacements

Before we start any repairs or electric meter box replacements, we thoroughly test the meter. We’ll work diligently and efficiently to save you money if we determine a replacement is needed. Our team understands the importance of being able to plan your finances, which is why we always offer upfront and honest estimates on all our services. We’ll install the highest quality electrical meter box to help you avoid this issue from happening again.

Schedule Your Electric Meter Box Replacement Today

Avoid letting a damaged meter box cost you more money. Trust the professionals at BG Electrical Service LLC to inspect and possibly replace your faulty or outdated electrical box. Traditionally your meter box is found outside your home, constantly exposed to the elements and severe weather. You can rely on our licensed and insured electricians to replace your electric meter box safely and effectively. Each of our electricians are up-to-date with state and federal codes, ensuring your electrical system is always compliant. Reach out today to request a quote.

Expert Electrical Meter Box Replacements in Philadelphia Area

Meter boxes are typically found on the outside of buildings, exposing them to year-round wear and tear from the elements. Don’t let a damaged meter box cause your electricity bills to skyrocket – get it inspected and replaced as soon as possible. When you need electric meter box replacement in the Philadelphia area, it’s comforting to know BG Electric Service LLC has you covered. Our licensed, insured electricians can replace your meter box safely and efficiently. We’re familiar with state and federal codes to ensure your electric meter box is compliant. Contact us today to request a replacement quote!

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