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How to Tell When Your Philly Business Needs Rewiring

BG Electric Service LLC is a well-respected source for commercial rewiring among Philadelphia, PA business owners for several reasons: We’re great at what we do, our team is professional, and we work quickly. Businesses should always pay attention to what their building is telling them. If the wiring is outdated, there are discolored outlets and switches, persistent burning smells, flickering lights, then you need rewiring services. Our team can help by taking on the project. We are skilled at working by ourselves or in coordination with other contractors on your site. Most importantly, our electricians clearly explain everything we need to do to avoid any confusion.

If you require electrical rewiring services, or general commercial electrical services in Philadelphia, reach out to us today!

Electrician checking the current in the machine

How Electrical Rewiring Works

Be prepared for some degree of inconvenience because we cannot wholly rewire a business without strategically knocking down walls to access every inch of wire in the building. We will strip the old wire and install new ones once we have knocked down the walls. We recommend tackling this kind of project when you’re in the middle of a remodeling project because other contractors will have possibly knocked down walls in preparation for their work. Either way, we can promise our professional team will work as quickly as possible and still deliver exceptional customer service and electrical solutions.

Female Electrician Engineer Working at Energy Control Room

How Commercial Rewiring Can Benefit You

Our services include an assessment. While the above symptoms indicate wiring issues, they are not necessarily guaranteed to demand a complete rewiring. We will investigate to determine your needs. Choosing to rewire your building will provide several undeniable benefits – the most important of which is safety. Poor wiring can create fire hazards, among other things. But comfort and property values are other advantages to investing in new wiring. Employees and customers will be more comfortable in your store or building when the air conditioner and furnace are more efficient. The light functions better. Renting or selling your facility to new tenants or buyers will be easier when future owners know they will not need to redo the wiring.

Rewire Your Building With the Future in Mind

Planning is always an excellent idea – and it applies to rewiring projects! Most of the technology that will power your office or warehouse hasn’t been invented yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin preparing for an onslaught of new technology. Structured wiring is a way of thinking about electrical wiring that can take unpredicted changes into account. They use heavy-duty cables designed for high-wattage appliances such as industrial refrigerators. By investing in a new rewiring project, you can position yourself to take advantage of any game-changing products that enter the marketplace in the coming years.

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