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Meter Box Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

BG Electric Service LLC‘s well-regarded electricians have decades of experience providing a wide range of electrical services throughout Philadelphia. Meter box replacement is an essential task if yours is no longer functioning. Ignoring the problem is not an option because doing so will cost money. The meter box measures the amount of electricity everything in your home produces, which the utility company then uses to bill its customers. Accurate readings are a must.

Signs of Meter Box Damage

As with anything else, there are noticeable and apparent signs you need to replace your meter box. At BG Electric Service LLC, our job is to help you recognize the signs and replace the box. Aside from an entirely unresponsive meter box, keep an eye out for:

Sudden Electricity Bill Increases

Sudden rate increases can indicate any number of things, but meter box damage is one of them. We recommend paying attention to your monthly bills to get a better read on the problem.

Inaccurate Readings

Are you consuming less electricity than your utility company claims? There could be an issue with the meter box. Because its sole responsibility is recording electrical consumption within your home, a broken box could result in incorrect readings.

Physical Damage

If there is any kind of damage to the casing surrounding the meter box, it might be a good idea to assume that damage impacted the meter itself and give us a call. We can perform an inspection to determine whether the issue needs addressing.

Electrician checking the current in the machine

How Can I Test My Meter Box at Home?

We don’t blame you if you’re uncertain of how to proceed, especially if you suspect you are not getting accurate readings. But there are some simple at-home tests you can perform. For example, take note of the meter readings for seven consecutive days. Unless you use an abnormal amount of power on one of those days, you should see precise and accurate readings. You can also turn off everything in your home and go outside to check the meter. There should be zero output because nothing in the home is using electricity. If you discover any anomalies, then contact us immediately.

The Expertise and Knowledge of BG Electric Service LLC

We always test meters before replacing them. If we have to install a new electricity meter box, we will do so quickly to save you money on labor. It is important to us that you can plan your finances, so our estimates are always upfront and 100% honest. Most importantly, we have access to high-quality meter boxes, ensuring you don’t have this problem again.

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