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If you’re looking for a city that’s more stimulating than typical American metropolises, in Philadelphia, PA, Somerton is the place. Dense with lots going on and culture at every turn, this Philadelphia neighborhood offers something new without ever being overwhelming.

 Somerton is more than just an urban neighborhood. It’s also home to some pretty incredible architecture and culture – which you can find if only your eyes were open!

 The median real estate price in the Somerton community is $340,020, making it more expensive than 71.8% of the neighborhoods found throughout Pennsylvania and 55.6% nationwide. However, this amount may vary depending on where you live within our community as many factors affect these numbers, such as size/age of home, etc.

 The average monthly rental price in the Somerton community is currently $1,573. This neighborhood has an average cost higher than 70.7% of all other areas within Pennsylvania.

The residents of the Somerton community have a variety of fantastic housing options to choose from. There are small apartments for studio dwellers and large buildings with multiple bedrooms, ideal if you’re looking at having family or friends stay over often – not just during holidays. And then there are single-family homes that offer plenty of space while still being close, so it doesn’t take long before your next errands require drive time.

 The homes in this Philadelphia area have a unique mix of owners and renters. Many properties are older and well-established, with vintage charm that makes them stand out from other neighborhoods nearby or even throughout Somerton. A number were constructed between 1940 – 1969, while others followed from 1970 through 1999.

The current vacancy rate in the Somerton community is 1.7%, meaning there are lower rates of available housing than 89.5% across all neighborhoods nationwide. This has led to a highly tight property supply for buyers and renters alike who want to live here but can’t find what they’re looking for on their own or with friends.

 In Somerton, the median income is well below what you might expect for a given neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many of the homes in the Somerton community are filled with middle-income families, making it a moderate-income neighborhood. This implies that there is more money for people who live here than in 45% of other U.S. communities.

 The most crucial occupation in the Somerton neighborhood is executive and management jobs, with 33.8% of working residents employed here, followed by manufacturing, laborers, or laborer-related positions, which account for roughly 28%.

This image shows Eastern State Penitentiary, fortress-like prison with high stone walls, towers, and a Gothic architectural style against a backdrop of a bright blue sky with scattered white clouds.

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The area of Torresdale is an urban community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The population density here makes it one of the most industrial parts of this city and all across America.

The median real estate price in this Philadelphia neighborhood is higher than average for Pennsylvania, at $346 620. This makes it more expensive than 72.6% of neighborhoods across the state and 56 percent nationwide.

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