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Tacony is an overlooked urban neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Located at the base of rising property values and just south enough that you can’t see it from most parts around town, the only thing this place has going for itself are its density levels, which make up some pretty cool history.


The Tacony community in Philadelphia, PA, has a median real estate price of $206,434 which is higher than 44.6% of the communities across Pennsylvania and 33.1% of the U.S. This area also carries an above-average cost for homes compared to other parts of Pennsylvania and America at large.


The neighborhood of Tacony is a great community to live in if you’re on a budget. With the average rental price ($1,254) being lower than 55% of Pennsylvania neighborhoods, this area will suit many people looking for an affordable home in that state’s capital city – Philadelphia.


The Tacony community has a lot to offer concerning real estate. There are small and medium-sized homes, and there is also an assortment of apartments that range from studios up to four bedrooms – whatever your needs may be.


The Tacony community around Philadelphia is a great neighborhood to call home if you’re looking for something that offers history and character. With so many older buildings, this area has been preserved exactly how it was back when America’s cities grew into a metropolis, no later than 1939 (and sometimes even earlier).


The charming Tacony neighborhood is where you can find charm and opportunity in equal measure. With 72% of homes here classified as row houses or other attached buildings, there are many choices for anyone desiring to make their mark on this great city.


The neighborhood of Tacony is among the most walkable places you can find, with its interesting shops and great atmosphere. It’s also close enough that it takes only minutes from anywhere.


The Tacony community is a lower-middle-income area, making it one of the worst neighborhoods compared to other places across America. This means that many residents live here with low incomes and minimal resources available for their daily needs – which can make things tough on them financially if an emergency or unexpected expense comes along.


This Philadelphia neighborhood has a low-income population, making it among the poorest areas. The people here earn less than 79% as much money on average compared to other U.S. neighborhoods.

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If you’re looking for an ideal urban community in Philadelphia with people around every corner, then Oxford Circle could be the perfect spot. This densely populated urban neighborhood in Philadelphia offers an array of restaurants and stores with something new on its shelves daily.

The median real estate price in the Oxford Circle community is just $180,107, making it among the more affordable options for homeowners. It’s also much cheaper than 64.6 percent of neighborhoods across Pennsylvania and 73% of all communities across the United States.

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