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Fox Chase

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Fox Chase is an urban community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The area has a high population density, making it an excellent location for residents who want to live near their work or school without having too much space.


The Fox Chase community in Philadelphia has a median real estate price ($309,780) that is higher than 71.8% of neighborhoods across Pennsylvania and 53.7% across America, making it an expensive place to live for people who are on the go. Besides, Fox Chase is an attractive place for those looking to buy or rent a house with plenty of green space nearby.


When you think of renting, this may not be the first community that comes to mind. However, in the Fox Chase community, there are many opportunities for those looking at affordable prices and great amenities.


Not only does it have an average rental price ($1,359) lower than 45.2 percent of Pennsylvania neighborhoods, but it also features easy access via public transportation, which can take one directly into the downtown area without having to worry about traffic or parking concerns. The area even offers several grocery stores, so residents don’t need to rely on delivery services all day long-they’re just seconds away when needed most.


Whether you’re searching for a beautiful townhome or an apartment, the Fox Chase community has something that will suit your needs. From three-bedroom homes with ample space in between them to small studios just right if it’s only you who lives there – no matter what type suits you best, this area is sure to have what every person could ever desire.

The people who live in the Fox Chase neighborhood are a mix. Some own their homes, while others rent them out. Still, more had been bought since 1940, when this area was first developed. As an urban melting pot for Philadelphia’s diverse population with its tightly packed row houses lined up next door to each other on both sides – ready-made before there even were suburbs just outside city limits.

The charming Fox Chase neighborhood is where you can find row houses and attached homes, which have been beautifully preserved to maintain their charm. So many neighborhoods around the country have made this city known for its ambiance as well-the residents here love living among these old buildings filled with history.

The real estate here contains more than 36% of properties classified either row era or otherwise, making it one unique area within America’s cities today.

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Fox Chase Northeast

The Fox Chase Northeast community near Philadelphia is a desirable place to call home. With the median real estate price being $378,340 – more costly than 80.2% of the neighborhoods across Pennsylvania and 62.4% across the U.S. – this area offers more than most other places in Pennsylvania or even America.

It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for: A beautiful neighborhood with great schools just waiting on your arrival so they can have access to top-quality education while still living at ease, knowing there will always be someone nearby who understands exactly how hard things are.

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