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We Install Generators Throughout Philadelphia, PA

BG Electric Service LLC has decades of experience installing generators throughout Philadelphia, PA. Our residential, commercial, and industrial clients appreciate our promptness, professionalism, and thorough nature. Generators are an excellent addition to any property. They deliver backup power when storms knock out power. They also offer less obvious benefits, such as amplifying property values and preventing electric damage during power outages. If you require generator installation anywhere in Philadelphia, contact us because we’re the team you can trust to get the job done.

Generator Installation Services in Philadelphia, PA

Know Your Wattage: How to Select a Generator

There are countless generators on the market made by different manufacturers. Not each one of them will be a perfect fit. It helps to understand the basics of electrical theory because it will guide you toward choosing the right wattage. Manufacturers classify generators by their wattage capabilities. Choosing the right size mostly depends on that factor. We recommend making a list of appliances you can’t do without before selecting a generator. For example, suppose your refrigerator, sump pump, lights, and the air conditioner made the cut, and they comprise a combined 3,000 watts. In that case, you need to begin there. We can help you determine each appliance’s wattage and make a recommendation based on this information.

Generator Installation Contractor in Philadelphia, PA

How Do Generators Work?

Many people believe generators create electricity – but they do not. Instead, they turn chemical energy into usable electrical power through a complicated process. Essentially, a constant stream of mechanical energy feeds into the generator. This energy allows the generator to convert the energy into usable electricity. The converted electricity then flows throughout the building. That is why a home or business with a backup generator can maintain power during an outage. Think of a generator like a solar panel’s ability to consume and conserve energy before feeding it into the house when the sun goes down. Understanding how generators work makes your decision much more manageable.

Protect Your Investments With a Power Generator

While residential property owners can benefit from a generator, this equipment is essential for commercial and industrial clients. Products, productivity, and customer demand all hang in the balance during a power outage. Grocery stores should have a reliable generator to protect their refrigerated and frozen inventory. And rather than shutting down operations, a warehouse can continue meeting deadlines with a generator that feeds continuous electricity to the building. Security is essential to all businesses, and a generator will keep any security systems on the premises operational. BG Electric Service LLC can help commercial property owners protect their businesses.

Top-Quality Electricians in Philadelphia, PA