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Experienced Electricians Providing Panel Upgrades in Philly

BG Electric Service LLC‘s team of talented electricians can handle any job – no matter how complex – in Philadelphia, PA. Panel upgrades are our specialty. Given how essential the electrical panel is to every appliance and electrical feature inside a house or commercial property, it is of the utmost importance to stay on top of it. Modern technology continuously changes, and those shifts bring more wattage demands with them. As homeowners add more gadgets to their home, the panel must change to continue to provide adequate power to appliances throughout the house.

periodically service your electrical-panel

Periodically Service Your Electrical Panel to Avoid Repairs

The electrical panel is the beating heart of every building’s electrical system. It contains a network of breakers that control your home or commercial building’s lights, entertainment, and comfort. Keeping it up to date is essential because out-of-date electrical panels decrease every appliance’s efficiency in your building. We recommend periodic service to your panel – usually every three years – which will improve performance and comfort. It will also prevent costly reviews by uncovering potential issues before they pop up.

Electrical Panel Services in Philadelphia, PA

What Is the Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel – also called the circuit breaker – contains two rows of breakers and a single switch at the panel’s top. The two rows control individual rooms and appliances, while the single switch controls power to the entire building or house. A single circuit breaker manages the electrical current flowing from a specific outlet – for example, the one that your entertainment center plugs into – and keeps it from shorting and causing a fire. When a circuit trips, it safely shuts the electrical current down, panel upgrades become necessary.

Why Upgrading a Circuit Panel Makes Sense

There are numerous reasons why upgrading a circuit breaker or panel makes sense. Safety is paramount, and faulty wiring is a significant cause of wiring. A new-and-improved circuit breaker creates safer working and living areas. You can check for flicking lights, small shocks when touching appliances, burning smells, scorch marks or warmth surround the electrical panel. Customers who are installing a major new appliance – such as a deep freezer in the garage – should consider upgrading their circuit breaker to account for the appliance. Lastly, many older homes are not capable of handling modern electronics. That means an out-of-date electrical panel will not know how to deal with multiple surge protectors and power strips that fill most houses these days. Upgrading your circuit breaker will also allow homeowners to take advantage of the groundbreaking technology that has yet to be invented. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to upgrade a circuit breaker or panel in the Philadelphia area.

Top-Quality Electricians in Philadelphia, PA