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Professionally-Installed Outlets, Dimmers, and Switches

BG Electric Service LLC has decades of experience delivering superb customer and electrical services to Philadelphia, PA. Professional dimmer installation can make a huge difference in a residential or commercial space. So can professionally-integrated outlets and switches. Your building’s electrical system is a complex network of switches, cords, circuits, pathways, and much more. Attempting to install any electrical component on your own is not wise. Instead, entrust us with the task. We charge a fair rate and do an excellent job.

dimmer switch repair philadelphia

Dimmer Installation for Peak Flexibility

Everyone loves flexibility from their lighting. Who wants a boring on and off switch? A dimmer will give you multiple options. You can cook and clean under bright lights, eat a romantic meal under muted lighting, and much more. We know how to convert ordinary light switches into dimmers that allow homeowners to control what kind of light they have in their kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more.

Replace Worn or Scorched Electrical Outlets

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner might want to replace their home’s electrical outlets. For example, poor circuitry and electrical construction will often leave scorch marks on and around the outlet. In other cases, older homes have two-prong outlets, while most modern electronics and surge protectors require three-prong outlets.

Light Switch Installation in Philadelphia, PA

If you have a malfunctioning light switch, you might want to hold off on replacing it yourself. In addition to potential electrocution risks, light switches present more challenges than you might think. A trained electrician will hook up all wires and switches properly to ensure the switch works correctly for years to come.

Expert Installation and High-Quality Emergency Services

BG Electric Service LLC’s years of experience, high-quality electrical service, and dedication to customer service make us one of Philly’s most reputable electrical companies. We believe in delivering comprehensive services to our customers. In addition to installing dimmers, new outlets, and replacement switches, we also offer emergency services to those experiencing problems that cannot wait until the next business day.

Top-Quality Electricians in Philadelphia, PA