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Electrical Plug and Fire Hazard in Philadelphia, PA

It goes without saying; electricity is the lifeblood of the modern workplace. Almost all the equipment in a commercial space—from the coffee maker to computers and printers, to lab tools—requires electricity to function.

With that said, being surrounded by electricity certainly comes with a few risks and constant exposure to electrical hazards. However, by taking a few simple precautionary measures, almost all of these risks can be mitigated.

The following are some electrical safety measures that will help you steer clear of accidents in your office or commercial space.

Unplug Appliances That Are Not in Use

Leaving electrical appliances plugged in leads to increased load on your electrical system and adds to your electricity bill—even if the appliances aren’t being used. So, to prevent this, make sure you unplug devices and appliances after you’re done using them.
Inspect electrical cords

Electrical cords that are worn out or damages pose a greater fire risk. So, make sure you perform a cursory inspection of lines and wires every couple of months. If you notice cracks or tears on a wire, make sure you get it replaced as soon as possible.

Install and Use Power Strips Smartly

Plugging in too many appliances on a single power strip can cause it to overheat, which increases the risk of fire. Therefore, make sure you don’t overload power strips and have them installed by a licensed electrician. They’ll know the right places to install them—such as those where airflow is optimal.

Steer Clear of Binding Cables

Knotting up or binding cables is always a bad idea since this can weaken the coating of the wire, potentially leaving it exposed and creating a major fire hazard.

Power cords plugged in an electrical system

Only Use High-Quality Power Cords

If there’s one area where you should definitely not prioritize cost savings, it’s electrical wiring. To ensure workplace safety, only invest in high-quality cords that can withstand power fluctuations. So, only purchase from a reputable retailer.

Whether you want a few light fixtures installed, or need complete home wiring replacement, you can rely on BG Electric Service LLC to get the job done on time and within budget. One of Philadelphia’s leading electricians, we provide services to both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch to schedule an appointment.

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