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Electricity provides convenience and luxury to our lives. We are accustomed to many comforts and conveniences that are made possible because of electricity. Microwaves, install pots and air fryers make food available in a reduced amount of time, refrigerators keep food fresh for longer periods of time, and phones and TVs provide communication and entertainment at the ready. Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons help us achieve our stylish looks in no time. We sometimes take this way of life for granted. However, when storms come, we can be quickly reminded of life without the provisions of electricity.

Storms can cause electrical issues in homes that create problems and inconveniences. But electrical issues can also create more dangerous scenarios, too, where fires become a possibility. Power outages, surges and lightning damage, and water damage are some electrical issues that may arise. The great news is, these dangers may also be preventable with the right systems in place.

Power Outages

Storms bring high winds and excessive amounts of water to the ground. As tree limbs fall and water saturates the ground sometimes causing entire trees to uproot, downed powerlines become a likelihood. While the sources of the problems are situations caused by nature, you can have a backup plan that allows your way of living to continue.

A generator can provide a solution to your power loss problems. They offer benefits, such as amplifying property values but most importantly can aid in preventing electric damage during power outages.  Generators installed in homes and businesses can even turn on automatically when you do experience loss of power so your family or business can continue living and working as you normally would!

Power Surges and Lightning-Related Damage

When lightning strikes a surge of power can be created that overloads circuits and can burn the wiring in the location where the surge happens. Most often, people plug electronics, such as computers and TVs, into surge protectors so that their most expensive electronics are protected. This only provides protection in the exact location where those items are plugged in while leaving your other outlets unprotected. Additionally, these surge-protecting power strips create a network of cords, chaos, and clutter that can become tripping hazards but are also unsightly and unsettling.

If you would like to know how to fix electrical surge problems, read on! Did you know that whole-house surge protectors can be installed by professionals? These surge protectors will deliver better protection and less clutter and mess. By being installed at your house’s breaker box or control panel, the surge protector is able to provide protection between your house and the power lines leading into it. Being located at the entry point to your home or business provides protection (and peace of mind) throughout your whole network of wires, circuits, outlets, and appliances. If you need improved protection from storm surges, then a professionally installed surge protection system is ideal.

Water-Related Problems

Water and electricity make for a dangerous combination. When storms come, you may experience flooding or leaks within your home or business. When water finds its way into your home or business’s electrical system you may experience short circuits that cause you to lose power or even lose power to certain areas and equipment. Water may cause other issues and can become more dangerous by causing further problems, such as sparking and possibly even fire. These issues can occur when you are away or even without your knowledge until the danger is prevalent. For your safety and the safety of those you love, it is an extremely good idea to make sure that your panel is both functional and updated. If you live in an older home, chances are that your wiring and panel are outdated. Updating your wiring and panel can not only prevent a power outage but the advances in meeting electrical needs of the technologically advanced 21st century may also provide protection for your family or business that saves lives.

Professionals Who Can Help

Protecting your loved ones, as well as your home or business, is undoubtedly a priority for you. BG Electric Service LLC has decades of experience delivering superb customer and electrical services to residents in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. We offer services from electrical service upgrades, emergency electrical services, and panel box replacement to installation services for outlets, switches, installation and maintenance of generators, and more. Let us help you find peace of mind by resolving all your electrical issues and creating that safe haven for your family or business. We have your home or business’s electrical needs covered! Call (215) 990-7966.  Your life is worth the investment that safe living can provide!

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