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Saving up on costs is a part of business budgeting. As a business owner, you can only give your net profit a boost if you cut down on both operational and non-operational expenses. We recommend starting with the lighting.

Here are a few tips to take your business lighting efficiency a notch up:

Preventative maintenance is the key!

As a business owner, you probably have a lot of tasks on hold. While it might be a bit hard to squeeze in preventative maintenance in your daily schedule, it’ll definitely have all of your equipment and appliances running smoothly for a long time. Getting routine electrical inspections done will also extend the lifespan of your appliances. Smoothly functioning air conditioners and heating units mean your business operations will also run comfortably and seamlessly. Upfront maintenance costs might seem like a lot initially, but it’s always an investment in the long run. It’ll also mean fewer repair expenses in the long run.

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Educate the staff

Identify your energy-saving opportunities and make an energy checklist. Are there any extra lights that are on during the day, but you don’t really need them? Businesses tend to waste a lot of energy by leaving unnecessary lights, TVs, and appliances running. Try and walk around the building during the day and see where you’re wasting excess electricity. Devise a proper effective energy management plan and strategy and convey it to your staff. Make multiple copies of the document and circulate it around the team.

Encourage the staff to turn off all the lights and fans every time they leave their office room to head to a meeting. If you’re a store owner, there is no point in having the music turned on when no one is shopping. Install motion-sensor lights and light sensors in the bathrooms, so they only turn off when it’s dark outside.

A commercial electrician fixing a business’s lights.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting solutions


LED lights can quite literally transform the future of efficient lighting technology in the US. By the year 2027, if LED lights are used throughout the country, they could potentially lead to savings worth 348 TWh. This is roughly equal to the annual electrical output of 44 major electric power plants. In terms of price point, this is nearly $30 billion in savings. ENERGY STAR LEDs use as much as 75% less energy and last around 25 times longer compared to traditional incandescent lights. If your business is still relying on incandescent lights, now is the time to make that major shift.

BG Electric Service LLC is known for its premium quality commercial electrician services throughout the state of Philadelphia. We offer commercial rewiring, generation installation, and LED lights installation. Get in touch for a quote!

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