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Despite the vaccination rates climbing up, people are still spending most of their time indoors, which means that more electricity than ever is being used, potentially leading to some unfortunate situations.

Given the amount of electricity-related accidents that happen every year, these are the precautions you should be taking to ensure that you and your family are safe:

Be Careful With The Extensions

We’ve all seen houses where multiple extensions are connected to power-points throughout the house. However, a house has limited power points for a reason – the home’s electrical board can only take a certain amount of load at once.

A man plugging in a socket

If you use extensions at all times, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk, which could lead you to call for emergency electrical services. Here are some precautions you can take while using extensions:

  • Don’t plug high-voltage appliances into extensions.
  • Clean out the power points regularly.
  • Use extensions only as a temporary solution, not a permanent one.
  • Try to use extensions that have three metal pins instead of two.
  • Place your extensions around the house strategically. Don’t keep them under carpets or other furniture.

Use High-Quality Appliances

Even with all the wiring taken care of, faulty appliances can still cause issues such as a fire breakout. If you have older appliances with damaged wires and broken plugs, you should either throw them away or get them fixed.


Also, when you’re purchasing the appliances, be sure to check whether they comply with the type of power supply you receive at your home and get an opinion from customer representatives at the store as well. Additionally, you can ask your electrician for recommendations.

Install Surge Protectors

The power supply you get at your home can surge at times due to electrical fluctuation and uneven weather. This surge can send significantly more energy to your electronics and make them dangerous to use.


This is where surge protectors can help. They can be installed throughout the house in order to maintain the flow of electricity. So, when a surge does happen, surge protectors will ensure that your expensive electronics remain safe. More importantly, they’ll protect the person who happens to be using those electronics at that time.


You can ask a local licensed electrician to add surge protectors to your home.

An electrician performing rewiring services in Philadelphia

Keep Away From Water


Water and electricity do not go well together. You should never use electrical appliances near water, especially in bathtubs, sinks, and swimming pools. An electric spark let out by an appliance can cause serious damage if it hits the water.


Additional precautions include shutting off any electrical appliances you use in the bathroom immediately afterward and wearing rubber or plastic shoes to insulate yourself better and reduce the risk of an electrical shock.

Get Residential Electrical Services In Philadelphia


If you want to ensure that you and your family members are safe from any risk of electrical damage, get in touch with us at BG Electric Service. We’ve been operating in the area for years and are available for your convenience 24/7.


Be it installing surge protectors or a whole-house rewiring Philadelphia, our electrician can do it all.

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