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The electrical systems installed in homes and offices are complex. They always require licensed electricians to for installation and maintenance due to the nature of the risk involved. Electricity-related incidents can prove fatal, as proven by a report that states 440 deaths and 1250 injuries have occurred each year from 2012 to 2016.

Let’s have a look at some scenarios where you need to pick up your phone and call in the professionals:

1. Faulty electrical panel

A faulty panel can malfunction at any time, resulting in a power outage or a short circuit. Reports show that this can indeed be fatal as well. Things such as faulty or old wiring, excessive heat around the panel, a burning smell from the wires all mean that an upgrade for your electrical panel is due immediately.

An exit sign illuminated in red color hangs from the ceiling

2. Electrical appliances not functioning properly

If you see your home or office lights constantly flickering or your heavy appliances working erratically, it is a sign that an electrical services provider needs to be called.

In a case such as this, we investigate the underlying problem and determine its severity. We then let you know if it is an emergency or a problem that can be dealt with later. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend you take no chances.

Exposed wires against a white wall.

3. Exposed wires

If there are exposed wires in your home or office, it requires a prompt response. Accidentally coming in contact with the wires can lead to a severe injury as well.

Wiring which is exposed to water can also lead to fatal incidents. If your area experiences heavy rainfall or flooding, you must ensure the water does not come in contact with the wires. If they do, there is a high risk of electrocution. Thus, you should get any loose wiring fixed by a professional rewiring service in case of rain.

4. High usage of electrical appliances

If you have many gadgets and appliances in your home or office space, make sure that the electric circuit is upgraded—the circuit breaker will likely trip otherwise.

Every home and office has a fixed number of power sockets for a reason. If you find yourself relying on power strips or extension wires, it indicates a higher electricity output than what the current system can sustain.

Our team of top electricians at BG Electric Services guarantees to answer all your electrical emergency needs and provide effective solutions. Residents of Philadelphia can get in touch with us today!

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