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Among the various ways of space cooling, the most common ones are ceiling fans and air conditioners. Homeowners have been using these cooling mediums for years. Depending on their requirements, some prefer air conditioners, while some are comfortable with ceiling fans.

Since air conditioners are a comparatively newer invention, they have gained significant popularity throughout the US. Almost 90% of homes in the United States use air conditioners as a cooling medium.

The debate between air conditioners and ceiling fans has been raging for quite some time. Here’s how they compare.

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The Cost of Running AC and Fans

The total cost of running an AC. or fan includes its initial price and operating and maintenance expense. Air conditioners in the US account for nearly 17% of all energy consumed in homes. Though maintaining an air conditioner can be quite expensive, it provides multiple benefits in the long run, including cost savings.

Fans, on the other hand, are cheaper to run since they consume little electricity. There are two types of fans – AC and DC. An AC fan is connected directly with the power outlet in your home whereas, DC fans convert the alternating current to a direct current. D.C fans use two-thirds less energy than A.C ones.


Benefits of AC and Fans

In large areas, air conditioners work best—especially in regions with higher temperatures and humidity. It is an appliance that functions as a dehumidifier. The coils trap the moisture giving you filtered air.

Installing fans is quick and easy. In addition to having lower upfront and operating costs, fans emit fewer pollutants than air conditioners. You can also move portable fans around the home. Since they have no filters, fans don’t need regular maintenance.


AC VS. Fans: How do They Work?

The way an AC and fan works may help you decide which is the best suitable option for your home.

An air conditioner eliminates the warm, humid air from the room by transferring it to the outside air. The parts involved in the process include – evaporator, condenser, compresses, and expansion valve.

A fan simply speeds up the process of evaporation. It constantly cycles fresh air and increases the rate of evaporation. The process ensures to remove heat near your body quickly.

Ceiling Fans vs Air Conditioners by BG Electric Service LLC

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