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Like everyone in the family has a different personality, each room in the house can mean something different for each member of the household. For some people, a particular room may be where they relax and unwind, for others it may be where they spend quality time with friends or family, while the same room can be a place where some do their best work. Thus the dynamic nature of rooms demands having the right corresponding lighting to meet a variety of needs.

The Consequences of Not Having a Well-Lit Home

Attempting to save up on energy bills could actually prove more expensive. A lot of Americans use only one bright light for the entire room. This increases the chance of headaches and migraines because the inadequate lighting results in glares and shadows all over the room.

Bad lighting can also increase the chances of eyesight problems. People with healthy eyes might end up getting spectacles while those already wearing glasses are at risk of aggravating their condition. This is especially important as already a lot of people are looking at screens a lot throughout the day.

With poor lighting, the chances of accidents also increase, especially if you have children or seniors in the family. The chances of slipping go up in bathrooms due to poor lighting. This makes the need to have adequate lighting across the house a priority. To keep your family safe, check out our residential and commercial electrical services in Philadelphia.

3 Types of Lighting Options You Can Use in Your Home

Lighting typically comes in three main types:

Task lighting is when you have a brighter light in a specific area of the room for tasks such as computer work, meditation, reading and cooking. Examples include table or desk lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Accent lighting is used to give the impression of a larger room. These are especially helpful in apartment settings. These lights help to magnify an architectural or decorative feature, such as a painting or a fountain in an outdoor layout. Some examples of accent lighting are wall-mounted fixtures and track lights.

The third type of lighting is outdoor lighting. It is mainly used to light up entrances and stairs when entering and leaving the house and also the exterior of the home. These lights help reduce the risks of accidents on staircases. Some examples are garage lighting, spotlights and hanging fixture lighting.

A combination of the above three types of lighting can boost the functional and decorative appeal of your house and help enhance mood and productivity. Installing a dimmer will also help lower the energy bill. We also advise using LED technology. LED bulbs have a long lifespan, with some lasting for more than 10 years.

Well lit bathroom

Light up your house now

At BG Electric Service LLC, we can help brighten your home and help pick the best lighting option. If you are a homeowner or a commercial enterprise in Philadelphia and are looking for a licensed electrician or contractor, then call us now at 484-956-5247 to help you design and deploy amazing lighting solutions.

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