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Hiring a licensed electrician to work at your home in the Philadelphia area can be very burdensome, especially when you expect expertly done work but get completely off results! Poorly completed work with unsatisfactory products and unprofessional services can be very taxing to deal with, especially in a home project.

Perhaps you were alerted by their unknowledgeable behavior, or maybe it was their unmarked service van that raised some doubts for you. Regardless of what caused you to be a little wary of your hired home services contractor, the truth is that there are a lot of con artists online posing to be professionals. Some of them are quacks that do it for the money, but others can be a liability for you and your family.

We spend a lot of time talking about the services experienced licensed electricians offer, but we do not speak enough on the warnings signs to spot a fraud or just someone who is not good at their job!

Have You Hired a Top Electrician?

Thinking you have hired a top electrician from the Philadelphia area? Well, keep an eye out for these warning signs to make sure you have hired a true professional and not a fraud!


For any serviceman, including a top electrician, the first noticeable thing is how presentable and personable they are. Please note that not all licensed electricians wear a uniform, and that is entirely acceptable. However, regardless of whether in uniform or not, your hired electrician should be friendly, willing to listen, communicative, and helpful. If your hired electrician is not like this, then you should take this as a red flag.


If your hired electrician is constantly rescheduling your appointment or is extensively late, then here is another warning for you. Yes, there can be bad days and demanding work schedules to manage too, but if your licensed electrician is not offering a genuine reason for the reschedules or the late-comings, it is a problem. As a service provider, electricians are duty-bound to be on time. As per their appointment schedule, if your contracted electrician is not adhering to these SLAs, then he is not only unprofessional, but he is also unreliable too.


Remember, you are paying your hard-earned money to get severe technical business taken care of. Electrical matters require expertise, and it is your right to ask questions about your rewiring project, installation, or remodeling. Whatever the task, a licensed electrician will make you feel comfortable and reassure you that they know what they are doing. However, if your hired electrician is unsure of how to proceed with the project, cannot provide you with any clear answers, and gets irritated when you ask for more information, then you should let them go.


Top licensed electrician services will be comprehensive with their job. They will follow clear work protocols, safeguard the place, check for loose wires, and clean up after them. If you do not see this happening with your hired contractor, you have a careless serviceman who is not very safety-conscious.

Don’t Worry About Warning Signs With BG Electric Service LLC.

If you are looking for a reliable top electrician, then contact BG Electric Service LLC today! We offer professional licensed electrical services in the Philadelphia area, and we promise we will never leave you worrying about any warning signs!

Top-Quality Electricians in Philadelphia, PA