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Many of us were at some point afraid of going down to the basement. It evoked a sense of dread in us. The thought of being in a dark, damp space which was a largely ignored area of the house felt scary. As adults, you begin to realize that the basement has the potential to be a fantastic space if utilized the right way. It can serve a number of purposes, from a game room to a mini home theatre of sorts. All that’s needed is a little bit of imagination.

When asked what comes to mind when you think of a basement, one word commonly put forward is “dark”. As adults, we realize that there’s no reason for the basement to be a dark periphery of the house. Good lighting installation can uplift any space, and if you’re located in Philadelphia, you’re in luck. We provide dedicated basement lighting services to add life to your basement and change the way it looks. Here are some pro tips to light up your basement:

Good Vibes Only: Design a Lighting Plan

By virtue of its location in the home, a basement is typically a dark and dull space. Most homeowners don’t really care enough to revamp the space.  Those who understand its possibilities know that a basement can become critical to a household with just the right changes. Installing appropriate basement lighting can convert the dark and unwelcoming space into a warm and hospitable area. Before you can determine the best type of lighting, you must decide what you want you want to eventually use the space for.

Ambient lighting can provide soft lighting for the entire area while also going easy on the eyes. This is important because aggressively bright lighting in such a closed-off space could give you a headache. Ambient lighting is soft and can be used in almost any space to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This is why it’s also referred to as general lighting. So think of using it for everyday purposes.

In contrast, task lighting provides slightly more illumination but a narrow range for focused work or specialized purposes. Typical examples are those of fixtures hanging over the bar or the pool table. Other uses could be table lamps for a small library in the basement. If you’re into art or just want to highlight things that you’ve hung up on your basement wall, accent lighting is the way to go. Much like task lighting, it calls attention to whatever you place in its vicinity.

There is no hard and fast rule that needs to be followed as far as basement lighting is concerned. It would help if you looked at a variety of combinations to see which one meet your exact needs.

Popular Basement Lighting Fixtures

If you’re located in Philadelphia, we can give you several lighting installation options to choose from. Not all fixtures are made equal though, and some are more useful than others. Here are some fixtures that many people use to improve the lighting in their basement.

Track Lights

Track lights fall under task lighting and can be used to call attention to your impressive trophy collection. Or perhaps you want to highlight your photographs. Whenever you need to make an area of your basement more prominent, track lights are the way to go.

Recessed Lights

These are no-fuss, all function kind of lights. They are easy to install and feel particularly at home in a basement. This is because basements have plenty of low walls that allow recessed lights to shine. They illuminate any area they’re installed in and help set the mood. It’s important to remember that they’re only there for general-purpose lighting, so they don’t stand out in any way. This allows the other fixtures in the basement to captivate your guests’ attention.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are also referred to as suspenders. You may have seen them hanging gloriously over the kitchen island or the bar. While they can be used to incorporate additional design elements into your basement, that’s not all they’re good for. They provide focused lighting for any activity that you wish to perform under them. They can do this because they place the light source closer to your work area rather than being placed on the ceiling. Good lighting can help you stay focused and increase productivity.

Window Lights

These kinds of lights can create the illusion of a window in your basement. One of the problems with a basement is that there are no windows. As a consequence, the room feels tethered to the ground and closed off. Think of your bedroom, for instance. Even if the window is shut off and the blinds are closed, there’s still some light seeping through from the outside world. This serves as a connection and makes the room feel more open. While window lights can’t bring you fresh air from the outside, they can replicate this connection. They can also complement the wall nicely, bringing out the color in the room.

Let Us Take Care of It

Renovating a space, no matter how small, can be a big ask for some people. Worried that you’ll miss some technicality that will cost you time and money? There’s no reason to be stressed. If you’re looking for basement lighting installation services in Philadelphia, we can help you out. Contact us to learn more about our services or visit the gallery section to see examples of our past work.

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